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The Oh Brothers


  1. A project containing the necessary tools to ease publishing of PowerShell modules.


  2. A PowerShell module for non-interactive management of Scheduled Tasks.

    PowerShell 3 1

  3. Opens, resizes, and arranges multiple Explorer windows at specified paths in a grid fashion to fit a screen, or multiple screens.

    PowerShell 2

  4. Log-Rotate Public

    A replica of the logrotate utility, except this also runs on Windows systems.

    PowerShell 7 2

  5. Forked from SjoerdV/ConvertOneNote2MarkDown

    Ready to make the step to Markdown and saying farewell to your OneNote, EverNote or whatever proprietary note taking tool you are using? Nothing beats clear text, right? Read on!

    PowerShell 280 47


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