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Sakib Sami s4kibs4mi

Software Engineer, Competitive Programmer, InfoSec Learner

GG, Basundhara Group Dhaka

Sam Qiu samqiu

Tencent Shenzhen, China

Nick Russo sinwav

Resident brogrammer

Pleasanton, CA

Hrishikesh Shinde hriships

A technology fellow. How push you hard doesn't matter, unless you commit first. - Vishwesh Jirgale

agustín méndez matagus

Buenos Aires, Argentina

saorio saorio

Infrastructure Engineer

Sergey pankovseryi

Python developer

Ukraine, Kiev

Dmitry Kurilo masterrr

Software Engineer

@facebook Minsk, Belarus

whu_liuchang Liuchang0812

what's this?

@tencentyun ShenZhen, China

Chase Ganey cganey

Software Engineer, Coder, UI/UX, Pixel Perfectionist, Creative Tech, Innovator l Passionate about building high quality products, branding, customer focused.

San Francisco, CA

Arnaud Allouis baloran

Co-founder/Lead Back developer at @getwino

@getwino Paris

Robbie Jack robertjack

Web Developer + Digital Marketer. Co-Founder + CMO at Fitbot.

Fitbot Mountain View, California

Quentin Rousseau kwent

Help the world to move forward by hacking.

Instacart San Francisco

Ricardo Díaz ricardotk002


@ableco Lima - Perú

marius92mc marius92mc

Computer Science Student

Bucharest, Romania

Drew Delianides delianides

NewSpring Church Greenville, SC

Josh Enders joshenders

Pinterest San Francisco, California

monad-one monad-one

I am into technology, feature implementation, research and analysis • across the stack-everything including the web browser, desktop, large screens and backend

Suriyaa Kudo SuriyaaKudoIsc

Founder of @iSCGroup & of many startups. Coder. :heart: @Git & @GitHub :octocat:. He is making open web technologies accessible to everyone.

iSC Enterprise Group (iEG) Munich & San Francisco + ✈

Aaron Brown aaronbbrown

SRE @ GitHub

GitHub Saratoga Springs, NY

Nick Cannariato nickcannariato

Tech support @github. :octocat: Formerly @apple. 🍎

@github Fort Worth, TX

Erik Nordstrøm eriknstr

EE student at NTNU

ICT-Infer Gjøvik, Norway

James Firth James-Firth

I know a little about a lot

Norima Consulting Winnipeg, MB

Ian White impressiver

Impressiver Portland, OR

Sagar Panchal sagarpanchal

Learning Web Designing and Web Development

Surat, India.

Joel Courtney jufemaiz

Technology, energy, bicycles, skis, cameras, wife, baby. These are the things that interest me.

COzero Sydney, NSW Australia