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This bashscript downloads a file from the ARD-Mediathek (see This site contains most of the movies and
shows which were broadcasted within the last seven days on the German tv
station "ARD".
The script automatically selects the highest available quality for download,
so if available it fetches the HD version. It also converts the downloaded
files from the original Flash Video format to a more appropriate MKV or MP4
./ard [URL]
Where [URL] is a url from the ard-mediathek linking to a movie. It can be
recognized by a 'documentId' in its parameters.
- rtmpdump (Ubuntu-Package 'rtmpdump')
- curl (Ubuntu-Package 'curl')
- ffmpeg (Ubuntu-Package 'ffmpeg')
The first two variables in the script can be used to configure its
- 'targetdir': The directory where the script should place the
downloaded files. This directory must exist and must be writeable.
- 'targettype': The filetype of the downloaded file. The file is
converted on the fly while downloading to this format. Tested values
are: 'mkv' and 'mp4'.