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Using a package manager (recommended)

The recommended way of installing vue-chat-scroll is using the npm package with the npm (or yarn) package manager:

npm i vue-chat-scroll@alpha

After installing the package, you must use the vue-chat-scroll plugin :

import VueChatScroll from 'vue-chat-scroll';


new Vue(...);

Using a script tag

If working on a proof of concept or a fiddle, it can be easier to use a script tag. We recommend using a CDN such as unpkg or jsdelvr.

<script src=""></script>

vue-chat-scroll will attempt to auto-register itself with Vue. This should work as long as window.Vue is defined.


We aim to make using vue-chat-scroll as straightforward as possible. Simply using the v-chat-scroll directive should take care of most use cases.

<div v-chat-scroll>

You may configure the directive by passing an object as well. For example, the enable configuration flag:

<div v-chat-scroll="{ enable: false }">

Please refer to the Config interface and defaultConfig object in config.ts to find out more about what can be configured, as well as what the default configuration values are.


🧸 Bear with us, all of this is work in progress. We'll be adding some examples of how this plugin can be used to build a fully-featured chat (such as Slack's one), or even a console looking log viewer.