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With all this internet going around, sometimes you just want to experience the thrill of a long page load. Give your users the chance to enjoy a little slice of the future by slow loading your website's images with ComcastifyJS!

Lets slow things down!

  1. Include comcastify.js on your page, or use the latest version from our CDN:

    <script src=""></script>
  2. Prepare the images on your page on document ready (so images don't show up before the box):

  3. Initialize comcastify on window load (so image sizes are properly calculated):

        boxColor: '#123456',
        loadMaxPercent: 0.75,
        loadSpeed: 100,
        loadIncrement: 5
  4. Switch up parameters to change your experience:

    • elements : A list of DOM elements to limit comcastification to.
    • boxColor : The hex color for the box placed over images.
    • loadMaxPercent : The max percentage of image to load. (0 to 1)
    • loadSpeed : Time required to load your images to their max in ms.
    • loadIncrement : Number of pixels to load each time the loadSpeed timer ticks.
    • randLoadIncrement: Set to true to make load increment random, loadIncrement ignored in this case.
    • randomPause : Probability of skipping a pass each time the loadSpeed timer ticks. (0 to 1)
    • progressiveJPEG Set to true to enable progressive JPEG emulation

See it in action!

See an example on the project's site at:

Or, see it modeled by these koalas!

That's it!

Now grab a coffee and enjoy the load times!