Project to reverse engineer and implement a usb hid driver for the JVS arcade protocol
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Development by me has all but stalled. If you're interested in taking over the repo, I'm sure something can be arranged.


The OpenJVS project aims to reverse engineer the commonly used JVS-I/O protocol for arcade cabinet input devices. It also aims to document it and provide reference implementations of useful hard- and software.

Currently we are finalizing our understanding of the protocol and developing hard- and software to serve as bus master for a device.


The principal maintainer of this project is Roy Smeding; reachable through GitHub as roysmeding and e-mail as


Subdirectories are split up by subproject. Currently, the following subdirectories are present:


This subdirectory contains two programs, jvs-master and jvs-snoop, written in the Python programming language. They interface to the bus -- one as a bus master, the other as a listener via a splitter cable for debugging.


Information about the protocol can be found on our wiki, at