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Contributing to The Open Source Way

We aim to make contributing to The Open Source Way a pleasant and enriching experience for all project participants, and we welcome contributions of all kinds.

Getting started

1. Review outstanding issues

  • Check the list of outstanding issues to identify something project needs and you'd like to offer.
  • Alternatively, see one of the projects various work boards to get a sense of tasks-in-progress that could use your help.

2. Raise your hand

  • Once you've found an issue you can help us address, join the conversation about it. Project maintainers and guidebook editors will want to know who's volunteering to add new material or assist with.

3. Start working

Editorial tasks

If you've selected an editorial task, you can start contributing immediately following these steps:

  • Comment on the editorial issue you've selected, expressing your interest and indicating what you're thinking of writing about. If you're ready, propose an outline for your chapter. If you need more guidance on what should be in the outline, work with the project's lead writer and any other interested contributors who've also left comments.
  • Refer to the project style guide (updated regularly) for pointers—but don't let small details slow you down. An editor will help you polish your work before it's finished.
  • Examine the outline and identify or more chapters you are interested in writing (or co-writing!).
  • Comment in the issue that corresponds to your chosen chapter, letting others working on the project know that you're interested in working on a particular chapter. Editorial leads will move the card for your chapter(s) between columns on the editorial project board. Once you're ready for an editorial review, post another note in the same issue, and we'll work on moving your card along our editorial process.
  • Examine the chapter file that corresponds to the chapter you've identified. You may find some source or seed material someone has already contributed into that chapter. Feel free to use that material; build on it to start, fill out, or complete a chapter. Or simply use it inspiration if it doesn't fit your vision. You can also consult the 1.0 guide for similar inspiration.
  • Fork the project repository and adding material on a topic of your choice to its respective chapter. Then submit a pull request outlining your changes so an editor can review what you've added and work with you to polish it.
  • Alternatively, propose edits to a guidebook chapter directly in your browser. Select a file in the project repository by clicking on it. Locate and click the pencil icon at the top of every file in the repository. Make chages to the file in your browser, then submit that file for review.

Technical tasks

  • [Update with instructions for performing technical tasks]

Marketing tasks

  • [Update with instructions for performing marketing tasks]