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Contributors to The Open Source Way guidebook for community management best practices

Authors of published chapters

Project teams

  • Editorial team:
    • Brian Proffitt (lead)
    • Shaun McCance (lead writer)
    • Bryan Behrenshausen
    • Paula Dickerson
    • Karsten Wade

Comprehensive contributors list

This is a comprehensive list of contributors and organizational affiliation, where available and as preferred. The first purpose of this list is to keep track of the many wonderful people who have contributed to this effort. A secondary purpose is to help us keep track of organizational diversity, meaning we are gathering data as part of following our own best practice of having a community that is diverse from all vectors.

Format: Nick;Name;Organization;Contribution areas;Notes Sort: Unsorted

semioticrobotc;Behrenshausen, Bryan;Red Hat;guidebook design,guidebook editor, guidebook writer;-
bproffitt;Proffitt, Brian;Red Hat;guidebook design,guidebook editorial lead, guidebook writer;-
samus-aran;Nicolson, Ashley;-;guidebook design,guidebook writer;-
rpaik;Paik, Ray;Cube Dev;guidebook writer;-
ghaff;Haff, Gordon;Red Hat;guidebook writer;-
jberkus;Berkus, Josh;Red Hat;guidebook design,guidebook writer;-
dneary;Neary, David;Red Hat;guidebook design,guidebook writer;-
lmaffeo;Maffeo, Lauren;Get App or Self;guidebook writer;-
anonymous01;Various people at FOSDEM;FOSDEM;guidebook design;10 unnamed discussion participants who provided input to the outline and guidebook design in a birds-of-a-feather session.
anonymous02;Various people at SCaLE 18x;SCaLE;guidebook design;10 unnamed discussion participants who provided input to the outline and guidebook design in a workshop session.
murriel;Grace, Murriel;;guidebook design;-
lhawthorn;Hawthorn, Leslie;Red Hat;guidebook design,guidebook writer;-
dgiangro;Giangrossi, Diana;Red Hat;guidebook editor;-
quaid;Wade, Karsten;Red Hat;guidebook lead,guidebook editor,guidebook writer;-
dickersonpaula;Dickerson, Paula;Red Hat;guidebook editor;-
acozine;Cozine, Alicia;Red Hat;guidebook editor,guidebook writer;-   
dajackso;Jackson, Danielle;Red Hat;guidebook editor;-
mscherer;Scherer, Michael;Red Hat;infrastructure operations;-
silona;Bonewald, Silona;IEEE;guidebook design,guidebook writer;-
mwlee2;Lee, Matt;Red Hat;guidebook marketing;-
duck-rh;Dequènes, Marc;Red Hat;infrastructure operations;-
palante;Cardenas, Guedis;Chief/Pa'Lante;guidebook writer;-
resonantspectrum;Oram, Andy;IEEE;guidebook design,guidebook writer;-