You have one or two tones in mind but need a full chord? Chord Search is your inspirational helper.
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chord search

in:  partial chord as a list of string/fret pairs
out: list of chords as json

search via url

search via visual input

  • search chords by clicking on a graphical fretboard

html output

chords are displayed as pictures thanks to theophani's styling.

json response

    "instrument": "guitar",
    "chord"     : "A",
    "modifier"  : "major",
    "url_html"  : "",
    "url_json"  : "",
    "tones"     : {
      "e": 5,
      "b": 5,
      "g": 6,
      "D": 7,
      "A": 7,
      "E": 5
    // other chord that matches the search request

data storage

  • mongodb
  • one collection per instrument
  • chords are stored as { "name": "A major", "e": "5", "b": "5", "g": "6", "D": "7", "A": "7", "E": "5" }

in the works

audio input

in:  audio recording
out: chord as json

audio output

  • record string samples
  • store them on soundcloud
  • play a sample for each string (samples must be equally trimmed!)
  • make succession speed adjustable

user data

  • input of chord tabs (succession of chords)
  • users can "like" a chord tab