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- Stop outputting the inherited methods section multiple times.
- Work around arguable perl bug with failed entries in %INC
- Upshot: If you distribution has modules that fail to load,
and then we try to create documentation for them after that,
we won't die horribly.
- Add a LICENSE section to the POD.
- Create, and document a $DEBUG var, to put debug printing in
- Get rid of silent dependency on Data::Dump::Streamer
- Recriminate self over it.
- Make it possible to manually behave as if Moose or C3 weren't
present, to make sure the test suite still PASSes.
- Make it possible to see what gets loaded during the test suite,
to see if extra dependencies have snuck in.
- Help genericizing and releasing either of those welcome, BTW.
- Yet another go at not reloading files.
- Make error messages on unloadable files somewhat less verbose.
- Try harder to avoid reloading the code being documented.
- Make doc maps actually work.
- Add force_permissions option (with documentation but not test, yet, fixme).
- Make Moose test much less specific. (Should fix FAILs from test
- Add use warnings/strict to the pm files under t/, to quiet
- Version bump because of a stupid error uploading to PAUSE... the kind of
stupid error that you can't just fix and reupload, because PAUSE doesn't
let you overwrite files.
- First version