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Welcome to LaTeXNotes!

This subreddit is a collaborative one that strives to improve user's LaTeX as well as their knowledge on the subject that the document is on.

Keep in mind, the purpose of this subreddit is to allow individuals to create better LaTeX documents, therefore any submitted document can be and will be adopted by others and edited, so don't be offended if someone else changes what you've done.

Feedback on LaTeX can be in a couple different forms:
    Useful comments critiquing style or content
    New LaTeX links submitted in the comments that adjust or improve the document.
    Updates pushed to the GitHub repository (If you don't know how to use GitHub, skip this one, I'll take care of it).

Associated Subreddits:

Useful Links: for collaborative editing and sharing Subreddit github page

    Be nice, practice good reddiquette.