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Basic Usage

Pre-built version of the library is located at /dist/pwn.js. API documentation is available in /docs or here, and examples of complete exploits are in /examples.

If you want to implement a new Chakra exploit, you can use this basic template:

var Exploit = (function() {
    var ChakraExploit = pwnjs.ChakraExploit,
        Integer = pwnjs.Integer;

    function Exploit() {;
        // TODO: implement your exploit
        // TODO: leak any Chakra.dll address (e.g. a vtable)
    Exploit.prototype = Object.create(ChakraExploit.prototype);
    Exploit.prototype.constructor = Exploit; = function (address, size) {
        switch (size) {
            case 8:
            case 16:
            case 32:
            case 64:
                // TODO: implement memory read of address
    Exploit.prototype.write = function (address, value, size) {
        switch (size) {
            case 8:
            case 16:
            case 32:
            case 64:
                // TODO: implement memory write of value to address
    return Exploit;

Using an exploit in a payload is easier if you use the deprecated with statement:

with (new Exploit()) {
    var malloc = importFunction('msvcrt.dll', 'malloc', Uint8Ptr);
    // ...

You can also define an Exploit object (non-deprecated, but more verbose):

var e = new Exploit();
var malloc = e.importFunction('msvcrt.dll', 'malloc', Uint8Ptr);
// ...

Build Instructions

You can rebuild the library using webpack:

$ npm install
$ npm run build

You can rebuild the documentation using jsdoc:

$ npm run jsdoc

Also, you can run a small HTTP server to host the documentation and examples:

$ npm start