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Setting everything up

Environment setup is simple achieved by:

  git clone git://
  cd theoricus && make setup


Before anything else, start a named branch.

If you're making a hotfix to the current stable version ( branch master ) you should branch from master:

git checkout -b hotfix/view-rendering
[pull request]

If you're working on a new feture you should branch from dev:

git checkout dev
git checkout -b feature/new_feature_name
[pull request]

Always isolate your implementations into separated branches, it'll make it easy for others to understand, easy to open pull requests, easy to merge, easy to discuss the proposal or adopted solution, easy, easy, easy, and so on.


Try to not repeat yourself, never explain what you did -- it's easy to see with a simple DIFF therefore redundant.

Instead, explains WHY you did it -- put into words the reasons that led you to implement something, expose the scenario, the studied cases, be solid.

The more other people can understand your reasons, the more they can get together with your idea.

Pull Requests

Pull requests must to have two requirements:

  • 1) A problem, a need, an improvement, a proposal, etc.
  • 2) A solution for requirement #1.

Ideally one pull request will point to a specific branch aiming to fix or implement something specifically. Never combine more than one problem or solution into one single branch or pull request.

This way the noise is crucially reduced and things can be discussed clearly. Poorly specified pull requests are hard to understand, to diff and to merge.

A good and very simple template message for new Pull Requests:

Subject: [Short description of what you've done]

The [problem/feature/improvement/etc]:
[...solid explanation of the issue...]

The solution:
[...clearly explanation of the fix...]

Don't be shy, try to avoid short messages here as well in the commits.

NOTE: To open a Pull Request please refer to the Testing section.


Builds the release files inside the lib folder.

  make build


Starts watching in auto-compile mode.

  make watch


For complete documentation, please refer to the tests folder.

Generating Docs

There are two distinct documentatios:

  • Theoricus (in browser code)
make docs.www
  • Theoricus CLI (your command line lover)
make docs.cli