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Written by TheOriginalBIT along with Bomb Bloke, Note is a script for playing musical NBS files, intended to demonstrate the use of Iron Note Blocks.

In addition to functioning as a regular script - which allows you to browse your ComputerCraft system for NBS files and play them - it can also be loaded as an API by other scripts, in order to add musical capabilities to games and the like.

As of MoarPeripherals version 1.5, Note is included in the main MoarPeripherals archive; available to all computers in your world, along with a small selection of playable songs in \moarp\songs. Note is started by typing moarp/note on the command line of any computer.

The script can alternatively be downloaded on its own via Pastebin:

pastebin get Zs0JAs1b note

A selection of extra songs (those bundled with Note Block Studio) can be downloaded with this command:

pastebin run cUYTGbpb get CYRmLz78 Songs



As a script

Move up/down the list by either clicking on songs, using the mouse wheel, or via the directions on your keyboard. To start playback of the highlighted song, either click it, hit space/enter, or use the play button up top. (The latter toggles pause status if you already have a song loaded.)

The buttons to the right/left of the play/pause button skip forward/back, respectively. Skipping back will go to the start of your song, or if already ''at'' the start, then to the previous song (a history of up to 32 tracks is recorded). Skipping forward will start a new song according to your play mode selection (up the top right).

For keyboard users, the skip forward/back buttons can be triggered with your right/left direction keys. P can be used to pause, or Q/X/T to quit. R/N/M activate the different play modes - "repeat", "auto-next" and "mix" respectively.

If the currently playing song has an invalid tempo (and you're using a colour display), then the duration of the song is rendered in red. An invalid tempo may (or may not) adversely affect how playback sounds - Note Block Studio can be easily used to change the tempo of a file, if you wish. The player considers any factor of ten to be valid (integral or not), given that it can only process notes every tenth of a second (minimum).

Each Iron Note Block is currently capable of handling up to five instruments every "beat". Many songs play chords that exceed this, but connecting just two such peripherals to your system should allow the player to handle most (if not all) NBS files available (and it'll even use a few more blocks if you provide them, whether it needs to or not). If the player isn't provided with sufficient note blocks, it will simply skip notes as required.

Command line options:

note [path] [-r] [-n] [-m]

If a directory path is specified, the player will start with that as the active directory. If the path is a song file, it'll use the file's active directory and additionally attempt to play it.

-r, -n and -m each activate the "repeat", "auto-next" and "mix" play modes respectively. If one of the latter two are specified, the player will automatically select a new song to play on launch (meaning if you combine them with a song path, odds are a different song will play instead - it's recommended to stick with a directory (or no) path when using them).

As an API

Documentation of Note's API functions is available within the script file itself. Further explanation can be found in this post.


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