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To Do

  • Check for prior existence of address before submitting address request
  • Create a background task to run periodically to recreate icons from the address book
  • Add screen to create new messages
  • Select recipient(s?) from the address book
  • Allow it to work with replies
  • Remember state on quit so user is on same screen on restart
  • Updates views to work in landscape
  • Research APNS, esp. unique identifiers
  • Create message queue server
  • Add code to register and confirm addresses with server
  • Have send button bring up registration screen if no address?
  • Add code to sync to message queue server
  • Sync on start
  • Animate table update on sync (make new messages appear).
  • Sync on table pull down (like Tweetie 2)
  • Load `BuzzerView` on launch from received push notification
  • Allow icon to be created async when a new buzzerview is created
  • Make links in messages clickable.
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