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Revision history for Perl extension Apache::FakeTable.
0.06 2013-10-16T20:53:33Z
- Hid the internal Apache::FakeTableHash module from the CPAN
- Fixed a warning "Modification of a read-only value" on Perl 5.19.4.
Thanks to Zefram for the fix.
0.05 2011-06-19T05:15:24
- Fixed a test failure on Perl 5.5 (I think). Reported by Slaven Rezic
via cpan-testers.
- Moved to GitHub.
- Includes a "traditional, rather than "passthrough", `Makefile.PL`.
0.04 2008-05-15T03:33:49
- Fixed a pasto in the Support section.
- Added Module::Build to the "build_requires" parameter in Build.PL to
eliminate a warning during `make dist`.
- Fixed a bug to allow this module to work on Perl 5.5. Reported by
Slaven Rezic.
0.03 2008-04-02T00:14:25
- Updated pod.t to use newer version of Test::Pod.
- Added the "configure_requires", "build_requires", and "recommends"
parameters to Build.PL.
- Fixed syntax error under Perl 5.10. Reported by IMACAT via
0.02 Thu Sep 4 05:32:22 2003
- Fixed behavior of each to match that of Apache::Table. It will now
return multiple key/value pairs for a single key that has multiple
- Changed behavior of new() to require an Apache object as its first
object to bring it more in line with the behavior of
- Assigning a value of undef no longer deletes the key from the table,
but goes ahead and assigns it. When warnings are enabled, this will
cause Apache::FakeTable to issue a "Use of uninitialized value in
null operation" warning.
- The merge() method will now only merge the new value with the first
value when a key has multiple existing values. It also now uses a
comma and a space to separate the values, instead of just a comma.
0.01 Sun Aug 31 22:58:05 2003
- Original version, poached from a patch for HTML::Mason.