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Revision history for the Bricolage CMS site Templates & Element Types
- Added paragraph tags to the description element for each story in RSS
- Updated sidebar template to output all download shortcut elements,
rather than just one.
1.4 2006-03-20T21:06:16
- Changed calls to 'throw_error()' in all templates so that they no
longer include element trace information. It never actually worked
properly thanks to a syntax error, and is now included in the error
output of Bricolage 1.10, anyway.
- Removed duplicate 'top_level' XML elemements from each element type
listed in element_types.xml.
- Added output_channels.xml.
- Moved the pull quote element type definition to pull_quote.xml, since
Bricolage comes with a pull quote element by default, and so it is
best updated.
- Added sites.xml to update the default site, categories.xml to create
the utility categories and templates.xml to create the templates.
1.3 2006-02-01T23:41:42
- Fixed to properly default to sorting on full
- Replaced calls to Apache::Util::escape_html() (which doesn't work
with Unicode and can introduce invalid XML entities) in the RSS
template and replaced them with XML CDATA sections. This is a much
cleaner way to escape XML entities in XML.
- Fixed screenshot popups to work properly.
- Removed dependency on Apache::Util functions, thereby making them
making all templates safe for outputting multibyte Unicode characters,
as well as allowing them to be executed outside of mod_perl (such as
by bric_queued).
- Fixed typo in /util/ that would have allowed expired
stories to be listed.
- Now using the "published_version" parameter (available in Bricolage
1.8.3 and newer) when searching for archives to republish whenever an
article is published.
- Now using the Schwartzian transform for more efficient sorting of
keywords in the template.
- Templates no longer add a trailing slash to URIs, since all URIs in
Bricolage 1.10 and newer will include the slash.
- Added paragraph field to the Screenshots element type and template.
- Updated all templates for compatibility with Bricolage 1.10.
1.20 2005-01-10T23:38:25
- Modified the archive lookup template to look up only article documents
associated with the "Bricolage Developers" source. This is to exclude
the "Article Document Model" document, which is sourced to
"Introspection", from the archives.
- Fixed various parameter passing bugs in the RSS and Mason Archive
- Fixed bug in handling of keywords in "".
- Added "category_uri" parameter to "" to specify a
category other than the current category to search for related
- Added "by_cover_date" parameter to "" so that stories
can be searched for and returned in reverse order by cover date
rather than first publish date.
- The "" template now properly handles question
- Added title attributes (tool tips) to the links in "".
- Converting <q> tags in titles to Unicode entities for use in the
<title> tag in order to preserve quoting.
- Added "title" field to the "List" element.
- Articles will now always trigger the republication of relevant
archives every time they're published, instead of just the first time.
- Archives will no longer be published with an empty list when more than
one is published in a single request.
- Added the list of required Element Types to be created to the README.
- Added element_types.xml, which has the element types in XML format
useful for folks running Bricolage out of the trunk.
1.10 2004-08-19T23:45:53
- Added trailing slash to the "Changelog" link in the XHTML template.
- Fixed Article XHTML template to properly republish the Archive when it
is published.
- The title of each page is now stripped of XHTML before being used
in the title tag in the header.
- The title tag now uses an m-dash between the name of the site and the
name of the page.
- Error messages thrown by templates now get the name of the element
from the element object and display the proper element number.
- RSS feeds now have XHTML stripped from the title of each article,
since most RSS newsreaders can't seem to tell that it's XHTML.
- Added Introspection output channel and templates.
- Added "Document Models" document type.
- Added "Download Shortcut" subelement to the "Changes" document, so
that there can be a clear link to the download described by the
1.00 2004-07-28T20:13:54
- Initial public release.