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Revision history for PostgreSQL data type CITEXT.
- Fixed the Makefile to recognize the `PG_CONFIG` environment variable.
2.0.2 2011-07-16T20:16:13
- Fixed formatting of the documentation and removed the "Installation"
section, since that's covered by the README.
- Removed Subversion `$Id` leftover cruft.
- Fixed PostgreSQL version requirement in `META.json` to include any
release of 8.3. It has been requiring only 8.3.0.
2.0.1 2011-06-28T05:08:07
- First release on PGXN for PostgreSQL 8.3 only.
- Updated regression tests to reflect change in the core version.
- Made `regexp_matches()` return `SETOF TEXT[]` like the underlying text
version does. Thanks to Tom Lane for the spot!
- Reorganized source code for preferred layout.
- Added `META.json` to support PGXN.
- Renamed `README.citext` to `doc/` and added ``.
- Fixed failing tests when PostgreSQL isn't compiled with libxml2
- Moved repository to [GitHub](
- Removed setting of `search_path` in the SQL scripts. The README
describes a better way to install citext into a specific schema.
2.0.0 2008-09-14 22:20:03
- Initial public release to pgsql-hackers only.