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API question 2 #4

mlawren opened this Issue · 2 comments

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From the documentation:

Instance Methods

     my $dbh = $conn->dbh;

   Returns the connection’s database handle. It will use a cached
   copy of the handle if the process has not been "fork"ed or a new
   thread spawned, and if the database connection is alive.

I'm just curious what the reason for making the ->dbh method heavy by
default? The reason I ask is because I think this contributes to yet
more confusing behaviour. After reading about the existence of
$conn->dbh(), one assumes that it would make sense to use it. However,
the recommended/better use of DBIx::Connector is via the do() method,
which passes in a dbh argument:

 $conn->do(sub {
     my $dbh = shift;
     $dbh->do('INSERT INTO foo (name) VALUES (?)', undef, 'Fred' );

This is confusing. "We provide ->dbh, but please don't use it, take
this shifted one instead". I also think the use of shift or @_ within
a method makes it look less like a block.

I keep wanting to write the following because it is the direction in
which the API/documentation sends me (even if unintentionally):

     $conn->dbh->do('INSERT INTO foo (name) VALUES (?)', undef, 'Fred' );

Perhaps it is merely a documentation issue? Rather than attempting to
convince people that DBIx::Connector is a drop-in replacement for
@others and later on describing how it should really be used, perhaps
that should be reversed?

1. *This* is how this module works. You should use it.
2. If you are unsure and/or just want the benefits do this.

Maybe even split out the Compat stuff into a separate
module? Dunno.




You have a point. I think I'll change dbh() to skip all the validation if it's called from within a do() block (or txn_do() or svp_do(), of course). That should eliminate that particular issue. I'll also put the database handle in $_ for the block call, which should give a more blocky feel to it.



Okay, you can now just use $_ in a block, which should make it feel more block-like, and call $conn->dbh from within a block without the overhead of a ping.


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