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For detailed notes on the critical bugfixes in this pull request, see my commit comments.

rjbs added some commits Feb 13, 2012
@rjbs rjbs a not-to-be-deployed test for svp
this test is very very close to the code in the svp docs
@rjbs rjbs call "release" not "release_rollback"
the former exists; the latter does not
@rjbs rjbs oops, I planned 4 tests 2122eca
@rjbs rjbs don't be so sly about SQLite; it causes problems
For example, say I do this:

  use DBIx::Connector;
  my $conn = DBIx::Connector->new('dbi:SQLite:db.lite', undef, undef);
  $conn->txn({ ... $conn->svn({ ... }); });

Creating the connector loads DBIx::Connector::Driver::SQLite, which,
*immediately* and during *compile time* checks
$DBD::SQLite::sqlite_version to decide whether or not to create the
methods that make the thing useful at all.

Unfortunately, DBD::SQLite isn't loaded until the first call to txn, so
checking that variable isn't very useful yet.  The
"$...::sqlite_version || 0" is a clue: why would that *ever* be

I've replaced all that logic with runtime checks.  After all, you
certainly won't call txn or svp until *after* you've connected, which
means *after* DBD::SQLite has been loaded.  I've also made it fatal to
try to use these features without the right version of SQLite.  I'd hate
to think someone is happily carrying on using savepoints and thinking
they're useful, only to have each invocation silently do nothing!

Comment on the SQLite cleverness fix: Since I wrote that code (it should have used DBD::SQLite, frankly), I added the _connect method. So I think it would make sense to stick the check there, so that you don't have to call it in every other method.

As for the SQLite test: could it be adapted into t/svp_live.t? So that it can then run against any driver?

The fix is obviously correct, though. Thanks!


I'll have a look at moving the test and check tomorrow morning my time, so hopefully it'll be waiting for you when you get up. :-)




There you go!

@theory theory merged commit e39f76b into theory:master Feb 14, 2012
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