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Revision history for Perl extension Exception::Class::DBI.
- Fixed broken email address.
1.01 2011-06-20T04:27:43
- Fixed a warning in `t/sth.t`.
- Moved repostitory to
- Switched to a "traditional" `Makefile.PL`.
1.00 2008-05-22T03:28:50
- Fixed a test failure on Perl 5.5. Reported by Slaven Rezic.
0.99 2008-05-15T03:31:30
- Fixed another Perl 5.6.2 test error. Reported by Slaven Rezic.
0.98 2008-05-06T17:53:25
- Fixed strange test failures on Perl 5.6.2. Somehow tests are getting
run more than once, resulting in strange failures. I got 'round this
issue by putting an explicit `exit;` at the end of each test script.
Reported by David Cantrell.
0.97 2008-05-05T19:10:05
- Updated copyright.
- Added a link to the Subversion repository.
- Fixed test failures on Perl 5.6.2.
0.96 2007-10-26T19:01:36
- Fixed test failure due to the change in value of $dbh->err in DBI
1.601. First reported by Andreas J. König; fix suggested by Tim
- Added the "configure_requires", and "recommends" parameters to
- Updated the POD test to properly make use of Test::POD 1.20 or
0.95 2006-07-18T22:14:41
- Fixed test failure for localized error messages. Reported by Jens
Maier with a fix from Daniel Brook.
- Updated tests to use is($foo, $bar) instead of ok($foo == $bar)
Spotted by Andy Lester.
0.94 2006-06-30T00:04:32
- The handler() method now always returns the same code referernce
each time it's called for a given subclass. This behavior prevents
the DBI connect_cached() method from caching a new database handle
every time it's called, which could otherwise be pretty annoying.
0.93 2006-06-10T02:09:14
- Reformatted some of the code and documentation so that it's
easier to read.
- Added 'handle' attribute to store the DBI handle for which the
exception was thrown.
- Switched to explicit accessors that reach in to the cached database
handle stored. Suggested by Tim Bunce ages ago!
- Added support for subclassing Exception::Class::DBI and its
0.92 2004-06-17T17:42:37
- Fixed test that was breaking with newer versions of DBI.
0.91 Tue Aug 26 02:25:56 2003
- Switched to Module::Build.
- Throwing exceptions with the "throw()" method, rather than
die'ing with the construction of exceptions with the "new()"
- Added POD tests.
0.90 Thu Dec 12 20:16:14 2002
- Updated tests for Changes in DBI 1.30. Connection failures
can now throw exceptions!
- Removed TODO tests in sth.t. Tim has said that DBI attributes
that return ARRAYs or HASHes will return undef when they're
empty, rather than return emtpy ARRAYs or HASHes.
- Incremented version to 0.90 to indicate high level of stability.
0.02 Tue Sep 17 03:33:56 2002
- Documentation tweaks.
- Fixed test to pass with Perl 5.6.1 and earlier.
0.01 Fri Aug 23 19:50:45 2002
- Initial Release to the CPAN.