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Revision history for PostgreSQL extension pair.
- Made the tests collation-insensitive, so that failures won't occur for
varying locales. Thanks to Daniele Varrazzo for the report.
- Updated the `Makefile` to reflect the recommended patterns from
pgsql-hackers. Thanks to Cédric Villemain for the details.
- Fixed the Makefile to recognize the `PG_CONFIG` environment variable.
- Changed the Makefile to read the distribution name and version from
0.1.5 2011-11-11T17:55:06Z
- Removed the `$MODULES` variable from the `Makefile` to fix an
installation error. Thanks to Daniele Varrazzo for the report.
0.1.4 2011-11-11T06:52:04Z
- Fixed the `Makefile` so that the documentation file should properly be
found and installed by `PGXS`.
0.1.3 2011-05-12T18:53:39
- Simplified the `CREATE EXTENSION` support in the `Makefile`.
0.1.2 2011-04-20T23:43:33
- Properly updated version number in all relevant files.
- Added abstract and doc file to the `provides` section of `META.json`.
- Changed doc extension to `.md` so that it will be parsed as Markdown
by PGXN.
- Added PostgreSQL 9.1 `CREATE EXTENSION` support, including migration
from an unpackaged install via `CREATE EXTENSION pair FROM
0.1.1 2010-10-29T22:42:05
- Fixed metadata file to list "pair" as the extension, not "pgtap".
- Added Changes file.
- Eliminated a line in the `Makefile` with "pgtap" in it. D'oh!
- Added `COMMIT` to the end of `sql/pair.sql`. Might help with
- Using more `wildcard` more in the `Makefile` so that we don't have to
maintain it manually when files are added or removed.
0.1.0 2010-10-18T20:59:54Z
- Initial version.