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Revision history for PostgreSQL extension semver.
0.3.0 2012-11-20T19:04:30Z
- Updated the parser to support an optional dash before the prerelease
version, and the formatter to always emit a dash for the prerelease
version. This brings it in line with the final semver 1.0.0
specification. Thanks to Pieter van de Bruggen for making it happen.
0.2.4 2012-11-02T22:32:30Z
- Fixed a memory allocation bug that could cause semvers to be displayed
with missing or garbage characters. Thanks to Andrew "RhodiumToad"
Gierth for help tracking down and fixing the issue.
0.2.3 2011-11-11T06:55:10Z
- Fixed the `Makefile` so that the documentation file should properly be
found and installed by `PGXS`.
0.2.2 2011-05-12T19:01:41
- Tweaked MultiMarkdown table layout in the docuemntation so that the
header row is always processed as a header row, rather than a `pre`
- Simplified the `CREATE EXTENSION` support in the `Makefile`.
0.2.1 2011-04-20T20:37:05
- Fixed the metadata file to reflect that the "pair" extension is not
included in the semver distribution.
- Added abstract and doc file to the `provides` section of `META.json`.
- Removed the `NO_PGXS` stuff from `Makefile`, as the PostgreSQL core
team does not recommend its use outside of the core contrib
- Added PostgreSQL 9.1 `CREATE EXTENSION` support, including migration
from an unpackaged install via `CREATE EXTENSION semver FROM
- Renamed `doc/` to `doc/semver.mdd`, so that PGXN will parse
it as MultiMarkdown. This will allow the tables to be properly
- Removed documentation that semver is implemented as a domain. It
hasn't been since 0.2.0.
- Removed Unicode characters `psql` output in the documentation.
0.2.0 2011-02-05T19:32:49
- Converted to a native type implemented in C by Sam Vilain. While David
was at lunch, no less.
- As a consequence, `USING` is no longer required in an `ORDER BY`
clause to get proper semver sort ordering.
- Added casts from nuermic types.
- Renamed `clean_semver()` to `to_semver()`.
0.1.0 2010-10-07 18:31:43
- Initial version.
- Implementation in pure PL/pgSQL.
- Included in [PGXN Manager](
- Not otherwise released.
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