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Revision history for PostgreSQL extension semver.
0.17.0 2017-05-07T07:15:25Z
- Fixed potential memory leak in is_semver function. Thanks to
Arun Tejasvi Chaganty (Issue #29).
0.16.0 2016-12-04T00:51:19Z
- Added `get_semver_*` accessor functions to retrieve the individual
parts of a semver, thanks to Geoff Montee (PR #27).
0.15.0 2016-10-28T03:38:59Z
- Fixed incorrect parsing of semver build metadata.
- Fixed text foratting of build metadata-only semver values.
- Implemented pre-release precedence scheme as per semantic versioning
2.0.0 section 11. Thanks to Sergey Kozlov for the report (Issue #23).
- Added Xavier Caron and Tom Davis as maintainers.
0.14.0 2016-08-11T05:38:27Z
- Updated the extension version in `semver.control` to 0.13.0, which
evidently I forgot to do for that release. Thanks to Stanislav Lorenc
for the report (Issue #21).
0.13.0 2016-07-30T21:06:15Z
- Fixed bug where a dash (-) was disallowed within the metadata part of
a semver. Thanks to @TerraTech for the report (Issue #19) and Tom
Davis for the fix (PR #20).
0.12.0 2016-06-11T06:00:19Z
- Fixed bug where some items described in the SemVer 2.0.0 Spec, section
10, were not properly recognized as semvers. Thanks to Xavier Caron
for the fix (with tests!) (PR #17).
0.11.0 2016-05-23T20:29:49Z
- Added `is_semver()`, thanks to a pull request from Xavier Caron
(PR #14).
- Fixed bug where version parts with non-leading 0 were considered
invalid. Thanks to @JeremySTX for the report (Issue #15) and Tom Davis
for the fix (PR #16).
0.10.0 2016-05-12T00:28:03Z
- Updated extension to support Semantic Versioning 2.0.0, thanks to Tom
Davis (PR #13).
- Improved error output to mark specific bad character, where possible,
thanks to Tom Davis.
- BREAKING CHANGE: `semver()` and cast constructors no longer support
the semver 1.0.0-beta format format "X.Y.Zpre" (that is, without the
dash), since it's not compatible with the semver 2.0.0 spec. Use
`to_semver()` to convert it to X.Y.Z-pre", or specify "X.Y.Z-pre"
0.5.0 2014-12-06T00:29:17Z
- Fixed issue where the release file could be listed twice when
installing, which causes an installation failure on some versions of
- Fixed a typo in the README: `make installcheck` should be run *after*
`make install`.
- Fixed an issue where the installer would read the distribution version
rather than the extension version. The latter is requierd to tell
PostgreSQL the correct version number (since the distribution version
is quite different from the extension version).
- Added `LICENSE` file to simplify packaging, thanks to Richard Marko,
who is packaging semver for Fedora.
0.4.0 2013-06-12T06:48:33Z
- Updated the `Makefile` to reflect the recommended patterns from
pgsql-hackers. Thanks to Cédric Villemain for the details.
- Changed the Makefile to read the distribution name and version from
- Fixed the Makefile to allow `PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config` to actually
- Fixed an off-by-one bug in the parser that could add garbage
characters to the end of certain semvers with patch versions. Thanks
to Andrew "RhodiumToad" Gierth for pointing out the bug.
- Add a macro to fetch a semver from C function arguments, and cast to
`semver*` rather than `void*`. Suggested by Andrew "RhodiumToad"
- Removed unnecessary calls to `PG_FREE_IF_COPY()`. Only really needed
for toastable values, and semvers are not toastable.
0.3.0 2012-11-20T19:04:30Z
- Updated the parser to support an optional dash before the prerelease
version, and the formatter to always emit a dash for the prerelease
version. This brings it in line with the final semver 1.0.0
specification. Thanks to Pieter van de Bruggen for making it happen.
0.2.4 2012-11-02T22:32:30Z
- Fixed a memory allocation bug that could cause semvers to be displayed
with missing or garbage characters. Thanks to Andrew "RhodiumToad"
Gierth for help tracking down and fixing the issue.
0.2.3 2011-11-11T06:55:10Z
- Fixed the `Makefile` so that the documentation file should properly be
found and installed by `PGXS`.
0.2.2 2011-05-12T19:01:41
- Tweaked MultiMarkdown table layout in the docuemntation so that the
header row is always processed as a header row, rather than a `pre`
- Simplified the `CREATE EXTENSION` support in the `Makefile`.
0.2.1 2011-04-20T20:37:05
- Fixed the metadata file to reflect that the "pair" extension is not
included in the semver distribution.
- Added abstract and doc file to the `provides` section of `META.json`.
- Removed the `NO_PGXS` stuff from `Makefile`, as the PostgreSQL core
team does not recommend its use outside of the core contrib
- Added PostgreSQL 9.1 `CREATE EXTENSION` support, including migration
from an unpackaged install via `CREATE EXTENSION semver FROM
- Renamed `doc/` to `doc/semver.mdd`, so that PGXN will parse
it as MultiMarkdown. This will allow the tables to be properly
- Removed documentation that semver is implemented as a domain. It
hasn't been since 0.2.0.
- Removed Unicode characters `psql` output in the documentation.
0.2.0 2011-02-05T19:32:49
- Converted to a native type implemented in C by Sam Vilain. While David
was at lunch, no less.
- As a consequence, `USING` is no longer required in an `ORDER BY`
clause to get proper semver sort ordering.
- Added casts from nuermic types.
- Renamed `clean_semver()` to `to_semver()`.
0.1.0 2010-10-07 18:31:43
- Initial version.
- Implementation in pure PL/pgSQL.
- Included in [PGXN Manager](
- Not otherwise released.