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No longer require `USE_PGXS=1` when built outside contrib.

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theory committed Mar 15, 2010
1 parent 8c0ee6a commit 400db6d2db7ebabb90fbc528100bb9e518f7fbc3
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@@ -24,6 +24,9 @@ Revision history for pgTAP
* Removed the primary keys from the temporary tables used internally by pgTAP
and thus eliminated the logging of NOTICEs to the PostgreSQL log when pgTAP
creates those tables.
+* Eliminated the need to set `USE_PGXS=1` when building outsde the contrib
+ directory of the PostgreSQL distribution, though it will still be respected
+ if it is set.
0.23 2009-12-18T23:03:39
@@ -8,12 +8,18 @@ REGRESS_OPTS = --load-language=plpgsql
# Figure out where pg_config is, and set other vars we'll need depending on
# whether or not we're in the source tree.
ifdef USE_PGXS
PG_CONFIG = pg_config
PGXS := $(shell $(PG_CONFIG) --pgxs)
+ifeq (exists, $(shell [ -e ../../src/bin/pg_config/pg_config ] && echo exists) )
top_builddir = ../..
PG_CONFIG := $(top_builddir)/src/bin/pg_config/pg_config
+PG_CONFIG = pg_config
+PGXS := $(shell $(PG_CONFIG) --pgxs)
# We need to do various things with various versions of PostgreSQL.
@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ Installation
For the impatient, to install pgTAP into a PostgreSQL database, just do this:
- make USE_PGXS=1
- make install USE_PGXS=1
- make installcheck USE_PGXS=1
+ make
+ make install
+ make installcheck
If you encounter an error such as:
@@ -22,9 +22,9 @@ If you encounter an error such as:
You need to use GNU make, which may well be installed on your system as
- gmake USE_PGXS=1
- gmake install USE_PGXS=1
- gmake installcheck USE_PGXS=1
+ gmake
+ gmake install
+ gmake installcheck
If you encounter an error such as:
@@ -39,12 +39,11 @@ package management system such as RPM to install PostgreSQL, be sure that the
`-devel` package is also installed. If necessary, add the path to `pg_config`
to your `$PATH` environment variable:
- env PATH=$PATH:/path/to/pgsql/bin USE_PGXS=1 \
+ env PATH=$PATH:/path/to/pgsql/bin \
make && make install && make installcheck
And finally, if all that fails, copy the entire distribution directory to the
-`contrib/` subdirectory of the PostgreSQL source tree and try it there without
-the `$USE_PGXS` variable:
+`contrib/` subdirectory of the PostgreSQL source tree and try it there:
make install
@@ -86,10 +85,7 @@ PostgreSQL client environment variables:
You can use it to run the test suite as a database super user like so:
- make test USE_PGXS=1 PGUSER=postgres
-Of course, if you're running the tests from the `contrib/` directory, you
-should omit the `USE_PGXS` variable.
+ make test PGUSER=postgres
Adding pgTAP to a Database

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