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Commits on Dec 4, 2009
  1. @allisonrandal
  2. @allisonrandal

    Add license and author to the makefile template so META.yml can be ge…

    allisonrandal authored committed
    …nerated properly.
  3. @allisonrandal

    There is no LICENSE file in this distro.

    allisonrandal authored committed
  4. @allisonrandal

    Update date and version preparing for release.

    allisonrandal authored committed
  5. A POD tag found inside a complex POD tag (e.g., "C<<< C<foo> >>>") is…

    … now
    properly parsed as text and entities instead of a tag embedded in a tag. This
    is in compliance with `perldoc perlpod` (RT #12239 from Michael Schwern).
  6. @allisonrandal
  7. @allisonrandal
  8. Fixed a bug in Pod::Simple::HTML where a definition term item with no

    corresponding definition item would be output with no closing </a></dt>. (RT #
    37107 from Kevin Ryde).
  9. @allisonrandal

    Updating documentation for 'complain_stderr' to reflect actual behavior.

    allisonrandal authored committed
    Resolves RT #39268.
  10. @allisonrandal
  11. @allisonrandal

    Add changelog entry for entity decoding.

    allisonrandal authored committed
  12. @allisonrandal

    Restrict the entity decoding to the special 'sol' and 'verbar' entiti…

    allisonrandal authored committed
    …es for now.
  13. @allisonrandal

    Put the paragraph tags on the *output* instead of the input. Include …

    allisonrandal authored committed
    …the new test in the count.
  14. @allisonrandal

    Add paragraph html tags to expected output.

    allisonrandal authored committed
  15. Change CSS files generated by HTMLBatch to be no more than 8.3 charac…

    long. (RT #40450 from Renee Baecker)
  16. @allisonrandal
  17. @allisonrandal

    Changing the version of Pod::Escapes in the 'use' statement to match …

    allisonrandal authored committed
    …the one
    required in Makefile.PL.
  18. Comment.

  19. @allisonrandal

    Add note about URL update.

    allisonrandal authored committed
  20. @allisonrandal
  21. Fix XHTML so that multiparagraph list items work correctly.

    Fix XHTML ordered list output so that it does not include the number specified
    in the POD in the output. This is on a par with out the HTML output works.
  22. Fix invalid XHTML meta tag.

  23. Added the `nocase` option to the accessors in PullParser. Original pa…

    …tch from
    Graham Barr, used for Documentation and tests from yours
  24. Add `strip_verbatim_indent` attribute. This allows one to strip leading

    whitespace from verbatim blocks. You can specify what text to strip, or pass a
    code ref that can calculate what to strip based on the contents of the
    verbatim block itself.
  25. @allisonrandal

    Preparing to release 3.08.

    allisonrandal authored committed
  26. @allisonrandal

    Preparing for 3.08 release.

    allisonrandal authored committed
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