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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use warnings;
use v5.10.1;
use Test::More tests => 13;
#use Test::More 'no_plan';
use App::Sqitch;
use Test::MockModule;
my $CLASS;
$CLASS = 'App::Sqitch::Engine::sqlite';
require_ok $CLASS or die;
is_deeply [$CLASS->config_vars], [
client => 'any',
db_name => 'any',
sqitch_prefix => 'any',
], 'config_vars should return three vars';
my $sqitch = App::Sqitch->new;
isa_ok my $sqlite = $CLASS->new(sqitch => $sqitch, db_name => 'foo'), $CLASS;
is $sqlite->client, 'sqlite3' . ($^O eq 'Win32' ? '.exe' : ''),
'client should default to sqlite3';
is $sqlite->db_name, 'foo', 'db_name should be required';
is $sqlite->sqitch_prefix, 'sqitch',
'sqitch_prefix should default to "sqitch"';
# Make sure it falls back on config before defaults, after options.
my %config = (
'core.sqlite.client' => '/path/to/sqlite3',
'core.sqlite.db_name' => '/path/to/sqlite.db',
'core.sqlite.sqitch_prefix' => 'meta',
my $mock_config = Test::MockModule->new('App::Sqitch::Config');
$mock_config->mock(get => sub { $config{ $_[2] } });
ok $sqlite = $CLASS->new(sqitch => $sqitch),
'Create another sqlite';
is $sqlite->client, '/path/to/sqlite3',
'client should fall back on config';
is $sqlite->db_name, '/path/to/sqlite.db',
'db_name should fall back on config';
is $sqlite->sqitch_prefix, 'meta',
'sqitch_prefix should fall back on config';
# Make sure the client falls back on the sqitch attributes.
$sqitch = App::Sqitch->new(client => 'foo/bar', db_name => 'my.db');
ok $sqlite = $CLASS->new(sqitch => $sqitch),
'Create sqlite with sqitch with --client and --db-name';
is $sqlite->client, 'foo/bar', 'The client should be grabbed from sqitch';
is $sqlite->db_name, 'my.db', 'The db_name should be grabbed from sqitch';
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