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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use warnings;
use utf8;
#use Test::More tests => 77;
use Test::More 'no_plan';
use App::Sqitch;
use Locale::TextDomain qw(App-Sqitch);
use Test::NoWarnings;
use File::Path qw(make_path remove_tree);
use URI;
use lib 't/lib';
use MockOutput;
my $CLASS = 'App::Sqitch::Command::tag';
ok my $sqitch = App::Sqitch->new(
uri => URI->new(''),
top_dir => Path::Class::Dir->new('sql'),
), 'Load a sqitch sqitch object';
my $config = $sqitch->config;
isa_ok my $tag = App::Sqitch::Command->load({
sqitch => $sqitch,
command => 'tag',
config => $config,
}), $CLASS, 'tag command';
can_ok $CLASS, qw(
is_deeply [$CLASS->options], [], 'Should have no options';
make_path 'sql';
END { remove_tree 'sql' };
my $plan = $sqitch->plan;
ok $plan->add('foo'), 'Add change "foo"';
ok $tag->execute('alpha'), 'Tag @alpha';
is $plan->get('@alpha')->name, 'foo', 'Should have tagged "foo"';
ok $plan->load, 'Reload plan';
is $plan->get('@alpha')->name, 'foo', 'Plan should have been written';
is_deeply +MockOutput->get_info, [
'Tagged "{change}" with {tag}',
change => 'foo',
tag => '@alpha',
], 'The info message should be correct';
# With no arg, should get a list of tags.
ok $tag->execute, 'Execute with no arg';
is_deeply +MockOutput->get_info, [
], 'The one tag should have been listed';
# Get a list of tags.
ok $plan->add_tag('@beta'), 'Add tag @beta';
ok $tag->execute, 'Execute with no arg again';
is_deeply +MockOutput->get_info, [
], 'Both tags should have been listed';
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