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Add Verify command #15

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Will run all scripts in the verify directory that correspond to currently-deployed changes. For reworked changes, only the most recent instance of the script should be run.

Also add a --verify option to deploy and rebase that will verify each step after it is deployed, and optionally roll back if the verify fails.

The thing that runs the scripts will vary by engine, but should be a reasonable default that can be replaced by a config variables. A verify script will be considered to have failed it the command does not return success (exitval 0).

@theory theory referenced this issue from a commit
@theory Add `verify_change()` to Engine.
Called by `deploy_change()` if the new `with_verify` attribute is true. If the
verify fails, the deploy will be considered to have failed and the revert
process will start. If the change has no verify script a message will be sent
to STDERR but the deploy will not be considered a failure (for now). Verify
scripts will still run in log-only mode. Ref #15.
@theory theory referenced this issue from a commit
@theory First pass at `verify()`.
I have most of the logic I want in there. I think it's pretty good. Will start
on tests next, as there are likely a bazillion bugs. Ref #15.
@theory theory referenced this issue from a commit
@theory Complete testing and implementation of verify().
Next up, adding the command. Ref #15.

Finally added the verify command itself in 2283d09. I think the only thing that still needs doing is to make sure that reworked changes are handled properly: I don't think earlier verify scripts should be run.

@theory theory closed this
@theory theory referenced this issue from a commit
@theory Skip verification for reworked changes.
Last knonw issue in issue #15.
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