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Add more --template-dir options #50

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First, add a short version of --template-dir to the add command.

But more importantly, add a --template-file option to allow a file to be selected. It should have short options, too.


@rdunklau points out that, if we want to support individual template files, we'll need separate --deploy-template, --revert-template, and --test-template options.


Bit of background: The idea here is to allow users to create templates for various typical tasks, like adding a table or defining a function. These templates could define a lot more boilerplate to start with. It will be even more useful when combined with aliases, as suggested in #89:

sqitch config --user alias.add-table add \
  --deploy-template tmpl/deploy/ \
  --revert-template tmpl/revert/ \
  --verify-template tmpl/refert/

very excited for this feature. thanks.

@theory theory added a commit that referenced this issue
@theory Move templatess to `templates/$action/$engine.tmpl`.
This gives us engine-specific default templates, currently including Postgres
and SQLite templates. The addition of the `--template` option to the `add`
command allows the user to specify a template of any name, which will make
customization much easier.

Still to do:

* Update the docs with the new template names.
* Update the installer to install the templates in the right place.
* Update the installer to move existing templates to subdirectories,
  and emit a message about user- or project-specific custom templates
  needing to be moved, as well.

Ref issue #50.
@theory theory closed this in d3a17d0

So, I did it a bit differently than I originally came up with in this ticket. The description of the changes in d3a17d0 should make it clear(ish) how it works. Please let me know if you experience any issues.

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