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Tutorial Improvements: recommend how to get started with existing databases that aren't using sqitch #77

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I'm guessing this is will be the case for most people coming to sqitch.

The existing schema should be known to sqitch, so that sqitch can bootstrap new development databases with the same structure. But when sqitch deploys to existing production databases, sqitch shouldn't try to deploy the already existing schema.


Possibly this should be done with a 'bootstrap' command, so that sqitch doesn't try to deploy the initial schema to databases that don't already have sqitch installed?


That's what the --log-only option to sqitch deploy is for. For bootstrapping existing projects, there's issue #24.

@theory theory closed this

Ah, yes, the --log-only command would be helpful. Maybe add that to a Getting Started doc?


  • Install sqitch, setup sqitch directory
  • Dump initial schema, make a new deployment file
  • Check in, tag as v1.
  • Your first deployment needs to be a --log-only deployment to v1 to existing databases. Then you can deploy as normal.

Does that sound right?



Might want to start an FAQ, I dunno…

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