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Add documentation for --diff-content-type

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@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ svnnotify - Subversion activity notification
-d --with-diff Include the diff in the message.
-a --attach-diff Attach the diff to the message.
-w --diff-switches SWITCHES Switches to pass to C<svnlook diff>.
+ --diff-content-type TYPE Sets the Content-Type for diff attachments.
-R --reply-to ADDRESS Address for use in the Reply-To header.
--add-header NAME=VALUE Add an extra header to the email.
-P --subject-prefix PREFIX String to prepend to the subject.
@@ -386,6 +386,14 @@ C<--no-diff-added>. And who knows, maybe someday it will support the same
options as C<svn diff>, such as C<--diff-cmd> and C<--extensions>. Only
relevant when used with C<with_diff> or C<attach_diff>.
+=item diff_content_type
+ svnnotify --diff-content-type 'text/x-diff'
+Sets the Content-Type header for attached diffs. The default, if this parameter
+is not passed, is 'text/plain'. This parameter has no effect if '--attach-diff'
+is not specified.
=item reply_to
svnnotify --reply-to

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