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Revision history for Perl extension Test::XPath.
- Added `contains()` to the list of XPath predicates in the
documentation, since it's later used in an example. Suggested by Jim
Keenan (RT #100902).
0.16 2011-11-23T05:24:03Z
- Bumped Test::Pod requirement up to 1.41 to support L<text|scheme:...>
directives. Thanks to Fitz Elliott for the report.
0.15 2011-07-17T02:40:11
- Require XML::LibXML 1.70, as that seems to be the first version to
offer `set_option()`.
- Make sure that HTML::Selector::XPath 0.06 or higher is installed
before allowing use of CSS selectors. Should fix some test failures
from cpan-testers.
0.14 2011-06-29T18:31:39
- The constructor now croaks instead of carping when no XML or HTML
parameter has been pased to it. Thanks to GitHub user "sshaw" for the
- Added the `find_value()` method to provide easy access to values in
the document relative to the current node. Suggested by Moritz Onken.
- XPaths generated via the `css_selector` filter are now properly
created relative to th current node. That means you can use CSS
expressions in the recursive block passed to `ok()`.
0.13 2010-06-01T18:39:28
- Added the `filter` option, which allows custom filtering of XPath
expressions and the use of CSS selectors instead of XPath expresions.
Based on a patch from Oliver Charles.
- Fixed bug that prevented Test::XPath from being subclassable.
Patch from Michael Schout (with tests, huzzah!).
- Added support for XML::LibXML options, such as "suppress_errors", that
aren't set by accessors. Thanks to Michael S. Fischer for the report.
- Fixed test failures on Windows.
0.12 2009-09-05T23:30:05
- Added support for PerlX::MethodCallWithBlock.
- Added Test::HTML::Content to the "See Also" section of the docs.
0.11 2009-09-04T22:16:11
- Edited the documentation for accuracy, grammar, etc.
- Added `not_ok()`.
- Updated minimum Test::More requirement to 0.70. Sometime between 0.64
and 0.70, the format of diagnostics changed, so older versions make
Test::XPath tests fail.
0.10 2009-08-31T21:34:37
- Initial version.