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Theory Octopress Theme

This Octopress theme is a fork of Aron Cedercrantz’s BlogTheme. It builds on the great basics there to add these features:


The theme is for the Octopress blogging system. To install it either download the theme and drop the directory into the ./.themes directory, or add this repository as a submodule:

git submodule add https://github.com/theory/theory-theme.git .themes/theory-theme
git submodule update --init

You then need to tell Octopress to "use" the new theme.

rake 'install[theory-theme]'

Test it out by running rake generate && rake preview.

Updating the Theme

Git Submodule

cd .themes/theory-theme
git pull
cd ../..
rake 'update_source[theory-theme]'
rake 'update_style[theory-theme]'

Done, test it with rake generate && rake preview.

Manually Installed Directory

  1. Download the theme from GitHub.

  2. Copy it into your .themes directory.

  3. Update it:

     rake 'update_source[theory-theme]'
     rake 'update_style[theory-theme]'

Done, test it with rake generate && rake preview.


This theme is licensed under the "Simplified BSD license" (2-clause). For the exact terms please see the LICENSE file.