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package.json Add Theos makefile + control to release, in a deb, using Nov 8, 2018

A basic Perl program that makes Debian software packages (.deb files) without needing dpkg installed. It works as a drop-in replacement for dpkg-deb -b, with compatible flags.

Installation is included with and used by Theos, so if you’re wanting to use this with Theos, you’re likely already using it. (If not, update!)

Otherwise, you can either install with npm:

npm install -g @theosdev/

…or clone a copy of this repo:

git clone

…and immediately start using it.

This will work on any system with Perl and xz-utils installed. (If you’re not sure, they almost certainly are already installed by your OS.)

Synopsis [options] <directory> <package>


  • -b: This option exists solely for compatibility with dpkg-deb.
  • -Z<compression>: Specify the package compression type. Valid values are gzip (default), bzip2, lzma, xz and cat (no compression.)
  • -z<compress-level>: Specify the package compression level. Valid values are between 0 and 9. Default is 9 for bzip2, 6 for others. 0 is identical to 1 when using bzip2. Refer to gzip(1), bzip2(1), xz(1) for explanations of what effect each compression level has.
  • --help, -?: Print a brief help message and exit.
  • --man: Print a manual page and exit.


Licensed under the MIT License. Refer to