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# Building YCSB
To build YCSB, run:
mvn clean package
# Running YCSB
Once `mvn clean package` succeeds, you can run `ycsb` command:
./bin/ycsb load basic workloads/workloada
./bin/ycsb run basic workloads/workloada
# Oracle NoSQL Database
Oracle NoSQL Database binding doesn't get built by default because there is no
Maven repository for it. To build the binding:
1. Download kv-ce-1.2.123.tar.gz from here:
2. Untar kv-ce-1.2.123.tar.gz and install kvclient-1.2.123.jar in your local
maven repository:
tar xfvz kv-ce-1.2.123.tar.gz
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=kv-1.2.123/lib/kvclient-1.2.123.jar \ -DartifactId=kvclient -Dversion=1.2.123
3. Uncomment `<module>nosqldb</module>` and run `mvn clean package`.