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NZBHydra 2 is a meta search for NZB indexers. It provides easy access to a number of raw and newznab based indexers. You can search all your indexers from one place and use it as an indexer source for tools like Sonarr, Radarr or CouchPotato.

Major Features

  • Searches Anizb, BinSearch, NZBIndex and any newznab compatible indexers. Merges all results, filters them by a number of configurable restrictions, recognizes duplicates and returns them all in one place
  • Add results to NZBGet or SABnzbd
  • Support for all relevant media IDs (IMDB, TMDB, TVDB, TVRage, TVMaze) and conversion between them
  • Query generation, meaning a query will be generated if only a media ID is provided in the search and the indexer doesn't support the ID or if no results were found
  • Compatible with Sonarr, Radarr, NZBGet, SABnzbd, nzb360, CouchPotato, Mylar, LL, Sick Beard, Jackett/Cardigann, Watcher, etc.
  • Search and download history and extensive stats. E.g. indexer response times, download shares, NZB age, etc.
  • Authentication and multi-user support
  • Automatic update of NZB download status by querying configured downloaders
  • RSS support with configurable cache times
  • Torrent support:
    • For GUI searches, allowing you to download torrents to a blackhole folder
    • A separate Torznab compatible endpoint for API requests, allowing you to merge multiple trackers
  • Extensive configurability
  • Save torrents in a black hole folder; Torznab API endpoint
  • Migration of database and settings from v1

See some screenshots.

Honest recommendation: If you don't understand what any or most of that means this might not be for you. The program is designed to be very configurable and can be a bit intimidating at first. If you're just starting with usenet and its automation tools you might want to wait a bit until you use this. That being said, although there are a lot of options you'll likely never need most of them. I (the developer) use only half of the stuff that NZBHydra can do.

How to Run

You need Java Runtime Environment or OpenJDK (both at least >=8u101). You can also use OpenJDK with J9 for lower memory consumption but the installation requires more manual steps and I do not provide any support for it.

Download the latest release of NZBHydra 2 for your platform ("linux" is any platform but windows). Extract it anywhere and start using the appropriate way:

  • On Windows (64-bit) you can either start NZBHydra2.exe which will add a tray icon (give it some time) or NZBHydra2 Console.exe which will open a console window. Note: Do not use the folders C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86).
  • On Linux start nzbhydra2 (currently working only on x64)
  • On Mac: No executable yet, see next point
  • If you cannot run the executables for some reason, there's another way (the executables are just compiled Java):
    • Download, put it in the NZBHydra folder containing the executables and run it with Python 2.7
    • Or you can use...
  • Docker. You might want to use binhex's container or the one by popular maintainers

After a while your browser should open to

The Java executable is expected to be in the PATH. If it's not and you can't/won't put it there then you need to provide the full path using the --java paramater.

If you get SSL errors when contacting indexers please update your Java runtime.

Install as a Service

Please see the wiki.

Stuff you should know

  • Without a "proper" indexer that supports media ID based searches (anything unlike Binsearch, NZBINdex, Anizb, etc) automation tools like Sonarr or Radarr will not work properly
  • Hydra queries indexers for the latest 100 results for a given search query and aggregates them on the GUI. That means that even if you sort the results by, say, the name then older results not yet loaded may be missing. You will never know if a certain result is available unless you click the "Load more / Load all" buttons. This may require many API hits and take some time. I recommend using queries that are specific enough to return less than 100 results.

A Note on Memory

The memory usage mainly depends on the database size which depends on the amount of indexers you use, how long you've been running NZBHydra and how many queries are done.

"Normal" sized installations with five indexers should run great with the default memory settings. With a big history and a dozen or more indexers you may need to increase the memory usage (see main config), especially for calculating stats.


Bugs may/do exist. Don't run it on the machine where the nuclear launch codes are stored.

Development and how you can help

Generally testing and any bug reports are very welcome.

The backend is written in Java and uses Spring Boot with an H2 file database. Maven is used for dependency management and build.

Project structure:

  • core: The main code for the project
  • other: contains artifacts not needed during runtime and a proxy-patched version of SocksLib
  • releases: is self explanatory
  • shared: is shared code between modules
  • tests: contains integration tests

The frontend uses AngularJS 1.x, Bower for dependency management and gulp for build.

If you plan on doing any frontend work (JS, CSS, HTML): Please contact me first and don't just create a PR for changes on the merged CSS / JS files.

Please send merge requests to the develop branch!


Send me an email at or a PM at


If you like to help me with any running or upcoming costs you're welcome to send Bitcoin via 1LPCUF9eKEXi58nHbxTbJyfxCJkcCXKzvm or Ether via 0xa6C33b4756D24027227C14285AfAeEE9a9738D42

If you'd like to send other coins like Monero, Litecoin, etc. please contact me.


To Jetbrains for kindly providing me a license for IntelliJ - I can't imagine developing without it

To all testers, bug reporters, donators, all around awesome people; especially judhat2 for beta testing and loads of helpful feedback. Thanks to all the folk on reddit for helping out.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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