Got too many GitHub repos on your watchlist? Unwatch them in bulk through a simple search-based UI with GitHub Unwatcher. Implemented in Go using Revel and Vue.js.
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GitHub Bulk Unwatcher

If you've joined an organization and discovered that you're getting e-mails from all of their repos, unwatching them all can be a chore. This tool allows quick and easy bulk unwatching of repositories.


Go to and sign in using your GitHub account.

You will be presented with a list of all the Git repositories you're currently watching.

Filter this list by entering a query in the search field, your list will be whittled down as you type, until you've found exactly which repos you want to unwatch.

Press "Unwatch" to remove these repositories from your watchlist. Just like that, no more floods of e-mails!


GitHub Bulk Unwatcher is built using:

I can highly recommend these for your next quick web project!

GitHub integration uses:


The app is deployed to Heroku, using a modified Revel Buildpack.

A Dockerfile is also provided, with a Makefile for running the app locally if desired:

  • make container Builds the image
  • make up Launches a container with the built image
  • make down Stops and deletes running containter
  • make clean Deletes the image

This was mostly an experiment to get used to Docker and isn't used to deploy.