Using the development branch

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In order to use the latest development version of Script#, you need to clone the Script# CC branch or download the entire CC branch as a zip.


Note: In the following sections, [cc] refers to the path where the development branch is cloned or extracted

Step 1: Build the CC branch

In this step, we're going to create the Visual Studio extension to install Script# into Visual Studio along with the nuget packages comprising of Script# functionality.

  • Start by opening the [cc]\src\ScriptSharp.sln solution file in VS 2012
  • Build the release version to produce the Visual Studio extension under [cc]\bin\ScriptSharp.vsix

![S# Packages] (

  • It will also build the nuget packages comprising of Script# functionality under [cc]\bin\Zip\Packages project.

![S# Packages] (

Step 2: Install the Visual Studio Extension for ScriptSharp

The Visual Studio extension for Script# will install the new set of project templates and Script# will show up as a project type under Visual C# projects.

  • Double click [cc]\bin\ScriptSharp.vsix to install the extension.

![VSIX Path] (

Step 3: Configure Nuget Package Source

  • In Visual Studio, Go to Tools -> Library Package Manager -> Package Manager Settings. This will bring up the options for package manager. Click on Package Sources, add a new source called Local S# Dev and point it to [cc]\bin\Zip\Packages.

![Package Source] (

Step 4: Get ready to use the development build

  • In Visual Studio, create a new project
  • Under Templates->Visual C#, you'll now see the Script# project type

![S# templates] (