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a browser-based voxel.js game based on Conway's Game of Life, written in JavaScript for Node.js

play online

The latest stable version of the game is available online:

Some older versions are also available:

how to play

Game play is still very rough and evolving quickly, but here are some things to try.

Shapes you create in the ground with obsidian will become active life patterns:

  1. pause the life simulation: press the P key
  2. add diamond blocks: press H to toggle build mode, then left-click
  3. unpause the simulation and your new creation will come to life

You can copy interesting formations and paste them again:

  1. pause the life simulation: press the P key
  2. toggle to select mode: press the I key
  3. move and look around until you get the desired selection (toggle H to select empty cubes)
  4. copy the selection into memory: press the X key
  5. cancel select mode: press the I key again
  6. you can rotate the selection before pasting: press the T key
  7. paste the selection: press the E key
  8. unpause the simulation and your new creations will come to life
  9. you can paste additional copies without pausing


These are not yet configurable via the UI (coming soon)

keybindings: {
    'W': 'forward'        // move forward
  , 'A': 'left'           // strafe left
  , 'S': 'backward'       // move backward
  , 'D': 'right'          // strafe right
  , 'R': 'view'           // toggle 1st/3rd-person view
  , 'H': 'adjacent'       // toggle selection of adjacent (empty) voxels
  , 'I': 'select'         // toggle multi-voxel selection box
  , 'X': 'select_copy'    // copy current multi-voxel selection
  , 'E': 'select_paste'   // paste current multi-voxel selection
  , 'T': 'select_rotate'  // rotates currently copied selection (in memory)
  , 'Y': 'select_export'  // export selection copy in [voxel interchange format](
  , 'O': 'reset'          // reset GoL state
  , 'U': 'speed_up'       // speed up GoL
  , 'j': 'speed_down'     // slow down GoL
  , 'P': 'pause'          // pause GoL updates
  , '<mouse 1>': 'fire'   // left mouse click, remove or place block
  , '<mouse 2>': 'firealt'
  , '<space>'  : 'jump'
  , '<shift>'  : 'crouch'
  , '<control>': 'alt'

github project

Bug reports, support, source code, etc:

offline setup

If you would like to host the game on your local machine, perhaps to modify it or play while offline:

npm install voxel-life
cd voxel-life && npm install
npm install -g browserify
browserify test.js -o bundle.js -dv
npm start

Then browse to http://localhost:8080