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from onep_connect import connect
from onep.core.util import HostIpCheck
from onep.core.util import OnepConstants
from onep.policy import Acl, L3Acl, L3Ace
# Example Syslog message from IDS
syslog_message = 'Mar 29 2014 09:54:18: %IDS-9-ATTACK: Detected TCP attack from to on Int: GigabitEthernet2'
def create_dynamic_ace(sequence, permit, syslog):
''' Build ACE from syslog message
sequence (int): Sequence number of ACE to insert in ACL
permit (bool): True == permit, False == deny
syslog (str): Syslog message, IP Address order is assumed.
ip_addresses = [x for x in syslog.split(' ') if HostIpCheck(x.split('/')[0]).is_ipv4()]
protocol = [x for x in syslog.split(' ') if x in ['TCP', 'UDP', 'IP']][0]
# Create ACE that matches the syslog addresses
l3_ace = L3Ace(sequence, permit)
if protocol.lower() == 'tcp':
l3_ace.protocol = OnepConstants.AclProtocol.TCP
if protocol.lower() == 'udp':
l3_ace.protocol = OnepConstants.AclProtocol.UDP
if protocol.lower() == 'ip':
l3_ace.protocol = OnepConstants.AclProtocol.IP
l3_ace.dst_prefix = ip_addresses[1].split('/')[0]
l3_ace.dst_prefix_len = 32
dst_port = int(ip_addresses[1].split('/')[1])
l3_ace.set_dst_port_range(dst_port, dst_port)
l3_ace.src_prefix = ip_addresses[0].split('/')[0]
l3_ace.src_prefix_len = 32
src_port = int(ip_addresses[0].split('/')[1])
l3_ace.set_src_port_range(src_port, src_port)
return l3_ace
# Connect to a router inline with the attacker's traffic
ne = connect('', 'admin', 'admin')
#specify the interface towards the attacker
interface = ne.get_interface_by_name('gi2')
# Create a IPv4 L3 ACL
l3_acl = L3Acl(ne, OnepConstants.OnepAddressFamilyType.ONEP_AF_INET, L3Acl.OnepLifetime.ONEP_PERSISTENT)
# Run function to create ACE based on syslog addresses
l3_ace_10 = create_dynamic_ace(10, False, syslog_message)
# Create ACE to allow all other traffic
l3_ace_20 = L3Ace(20, True) #True == permit
l3_ace_20.protocol = OnepConstants.AclProtocol.ALL
# Add both ACEs to the ACL
# Apply the ACL to the interface
interface = ne.get_interface_by_name(syslog_message.split(' ')[-1])
l3_acl.apply_to_interface(interface, Acl.Direction.ONEP_DIRECTION_IN)
print 'ACL created and applied to the %s interface' %
# End the onep session (ACL remains because we used a persistent lifetime)
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