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videoize is a simple jQuery plugin for creating html 5 video tags for capable browsers, with a fallback to flash or quicktime for IE and the like. videoize is a stand alone plugin that includes a minified version of the excellent jQuery SWFObject plugin for a standards-compliant way of embedding flash objects.

to call videoize, simply include the jQuery file and in your $(document).ready function call. videoize comes with the following options and override-able defaults =>

	// location of the mp4 video file
	mp4: "", 
	// location of the ogv file for firefox
	ogg: "",
	// location of the flash video player
	flashplayer: "player.swf",
	// location of video poster image
	poster: "",
	// video height
	height: "480",
	// video width
	width: 	"720",
	// autoplay video
	autoplay: false,
	// show video controls
	controls: true,
	// if set to true, the fallback player will be quicktime rather than flash
	quicktime: false

the element with the id of videoize will be emptied and replaced with the video. this gives you a way to provide a fallback message or content for users without support html 5 video, flash, and quicktime disabled.