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Predictive Genomics for breast cancer


How to use it

This github contains the base code to run our experimentations. Each module represent a step of analysis.

  • DataPartioning
    • Comports the data partioning notebooks
  • DataProcessingScript
    • Comports the data Processing scripts to extract SNPs significiant
  • Learning
    • Full_vs_Reduced
      • Comport the notebooks to analyze the optimal SNP reduction
    • Architecture Comparison
      • Comport the notebooks to compare architectures
    • Classic_Machine_Learning
      • Comport the notebook to compare the classic machine learning models
    • Classic_Bio_Learning_Technics
      • Comport the R scripts to analyze BLUP, BayesA.... and the bash script for LDpred
  • Interpretation
    • Comport the notbooks for LIME and DeepLift