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This is a game made in under 48 hours for Texas A&M's 3rd annual Chillenium. It was made by Anthony Lawn and Grant Barbee.

Run it by executing:


Build it by executing:

python py2exe

note that you may need to use "python3" if your default is python2.7

note that currently the setup script doesn't copy over the non python files correctly, so you'll need to manually move over the font file and images folder. Also its in the wrong folder and ugh I'm just glad it can be used at all


You are an adventurer named NaN. You are known throughout the land for your ability to help anyone with anything.

Starts with you vanquishing a dragon attacking your hometown. Naturally you defeat it with ease. that's an understatement

Flash forward 3 years...

You are now helping civilians with their petty grievances. Cue complaints about coffee being too cold, their fireplace being too dusty, etc. Even after helping them they yell at you. One might even say, they make a foofaraw. You tire of this, and eventually snap. You find a dragon and train it to obey you, and you bring a little perspective to the civilians.


You throw stuff at other stuff. It might be swords at dragons or dusters at dust mites. It's all the same mechanically, but that's okay.