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Name Draw

A web app for co-ordinating group gift exchanges allowing for a variety of situations including secret santas or complex rules involving restricting who can give gifts to whom.


  • Error message when generating people fails
  • Allow people to add tokens to rules before creating rule
  • Add option to lock values before generating
  • Instructions on how to share the link with others
  • Instructions on how rules work, what everything means, etc.
  • Sign into admin panel when creating group
  • Account system (emails, participating groups, created groups, better password handling, duplicating groups, using other groups to form rules in new group, etc.)
  • Make text field in modals focus when the modal shows
  • Rules autocomplete names and classes

Idea for name drawing:

  • Pressing draw names opens a modal with a new, big text "draw now", a color code legend, a list of participants (in draw order), and a "cancel" and "save" button
  • After drawing its in preview mode only, results aren't saved until user presses save
  • Names are colored for if they aren't giving to anyone, if they couldn't follow all the rules (expanding names lists the rules that apply to them and which didn't get followed), if they are giving to the person they're receiving from, etc.

More complicated things:

  • Allow admins to create a form for participants to fill out in order to join, and allow rules to access the values of these inputs

And as always, issues on github