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	* Python >= 2.5 (manually installed)
	* Twisted Python 2.4.0
	* Twisted Web2 0.2
	* simplejson >= 1.3
	* cjson >= 1.0.5
	* path >= 2.1


As with most python software, installation for most of the dependencies (once
Python is installed) boils down to:

	%> tar -zxvf Package.tar.gz && cd Package && sudo python install

While installing Twisted, please make sure to install the included
ZopeInterface package.

Getting Started:

All configuration for cometd is housed in the .tac file which is used to kick
off the deamon. Today, initscripts for Unix systems are not yet included.
Starting the daemon is simple:

	twistd -noy cometd.tac

The arguments to "twistd", the Twisted service runner, should be modified for
deployment use. You can investigate these with:

	twistd --help

By default the cometd server will attach to port 8080 and attempt to send log
messages to a file located in /var/log/cometd. If this file does not exist, you
can create it with:

	%> touch /var/log/cometd && chmod ug+w /var/log/cometd

If you run the daemon as a different user than yourself, you'll need to allow
the user the systems runs as to write to this file.

See the configuration parameters in the file cometd.tac for details on
available configuration options.

Bayeux Specific Configuration:

The Bayeux protocol has it's own set of configuration parameters. See the for details.