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Specification and Implementation of Quantum Common Lisp and the Black Stone Quantum Computer simulator, for modelling classical interface gate-model quantum computer programs.

Note: due to an unfortunate naming conflict with Omer's QCL, a quantum programming language based on the syntax of C, we will generally refer to Quantum Common Lisp as (qcλ), or qclambda in the source.

Documentation available at:

Sources and References

Installation & Use (Linux/OS X)

Dump the executable:

$ CC=gcc sbcl --script make.lisp

Install for all users:

$ sudo install -v ./black-stone /usr/local/bin

Or if you have a local executable directory on your path:

$ install -v ./black-stone ~/bin

When running from the terminal, it is recommended to use RLWRAP:

$ rlwrap black-stone


This will provide you with an improved line-editing environment over the underlying SBCL REPL.

System Requirements

Tested on Linux x86_64 and OS X 10.7

  • SBCL 1.1.14+
  • Quicklisp


Available through Quicklisp:

  • GSLL
  • CL-FAD
  • CLON (the Command-Line Options Nuker)
  • PROVE (to run the test suite)


Copyright © 2013–2017, "the Phoeron" Colin J.E. Lupton. This project has been released under the MIT License; please see black-stone/LICENSE for more information.