@colinodell colinodell released this Jul 25, 2015 · 404 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Added parent references to inline elements (#124)
  • Added smart punctuation extension (#134)
  • Added HTML block types
  • Added indentation caching to the cursor
  • Added automated code style checks (#133)
  • Added support for tag attributes in renderers (#101, #165)


  • Bumped spec target version to 0.21
  • Revised HTML block parsing to conform to new spec (commonmark/commonmark.js@99bd473)
  • Imposed 9-digit limit on ordered list markers, per spec
  • Allow non-initial hyphens in html tag names (commonmark/CommonMark#239)
  • Updated list of block tag names
  • Changed tab/indentation handling to meet the new spec behavior
  • Modified spec tests to show spaces and tabs in test results
  • Replaced HtmlRendererInterface with ElementRendererInterface (#141)
  • Removed the unnecessary trim() and string cast from ListItemRenderer


  • Fixed link reference definition edge case (#120)
  • Allow literal (non-escaping) backslashes in link destinations (#118)
  • Allow backslash-escaped backslashes in link labels (#119)
  • Allow link labels up to 999 characters (per the spec)
  • Properly split on whitespace when determining code block class (commonmark/commonmark.js#54)
  • Fixed code style issues (#132, #133, #151, #152)
  • Fixed wording for invalid inline exception (#136)


  • Removed the advance-by-one optimization due to added cursor complexity