@colinodell colinodell released this Nov 4, 2015 · 304 commits to master since this release

Assets 2


  • Added ability to configure characters and disable emphasis/strong (#135)
  • Added new ConfigurationAwareInterface support for all parsers, processors, and renderers (#201)
  • Added HTML safe mode to handle untrusted input (#200, #201)
    • Safe mode is disabled by default for backwards-compatibility
    • To enable it, set the safe option to true
  • Added AppVeyor integration for automated unit/functional testing on Windows (#195)


  • AbstractBlock::finalize() now reqires a second parameter, $endLineNumber
  • RegexHelper::REGEX_ENTITY no longer includes the starting / or the ending /i (#194)
  • Node::setParent() now accepts null values (#203)


  • Fixed incorrect endLine positions (#187)
  • Fixed DocParser::preProcessInput dropping up to 2 ending newlines instead of just one
  • Fixed EntityParser not checking for ampersands at the start of the current position (#192, #194)


  • Removed protected function Context::addChild()
    • It was a duplicate of the Context::addBlock() method
  • Disabled STDIN reading on bin/commonmark for Windows due to PHP issues (#189, #195)