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  • 0.17.0
  • 3b4c222
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@colinodell colinodell released this Dec 30, 2017

This release contains several breaking changes and a minimum PHP version bump - see for more details.


  • Added new max_nesting_level setting (#243)
  • Added minor performance optimizations to Cursor


  • Minimum PHP version is now 5.6.5.
  • All full and partial regular expressions in RegexHelper are now defined as constants instead of being built on-the-fly.
  • Cursor::saveState() now returns an array instead of a CursorState object.
  • Cursor::restoreState() now accepts an array parameter instead of a CursorState object.
  • Saving/restoring the Cursor state no longer tracks things that don't change (like the text content).
  • RegexHelper is now final.
  • References to InlineContainer changed to new InlineContainerInterface interface.
  • MiscExtension::addInlineParser() and MiscExtension::addBlockRenderer() now return $this instead of nothing.


  • Fixed Reference::normalizeReference() not properly collapsing whitespace to a single space


  • RegexHelper::getInstance() and all instance (non-static) methods have been deprecated.
  • The InlineContainer interface has been deprecated. Use InlineContainerInterface instead.


  • Removed support for PHP 5.4 and 5.5.
  • Removed CursorState class
  • Removed all previous deprecations:
    • Cursor::getFirstNonSpacePosition()
    • Cursor::getFirstNonSpaceCharacter()
    • Cursor::advanceWhileMatches()
    • Cursor::advanceToFirstNonSpace()
    • ElementRendererInterface::escape()
    • HtmlRenderer::escape()
    • RegexHelper::getLinkDestinationRegex()
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